Under 18 Hurling Championship, 30/9/2015

St Pauls (2-18) Vs   St Joseph’s Drogheda (1-4)

St Pauls came into this game confident of a win against St Josephs of Drogheda, a team St Pauls had beaten in the past couple of seasons. With St Pauls looking to capitalise on the long journey made by the Drogheda school, captain Daragh Quinn opted to play with the strong wind in the first half, a wise decision as it proved with early long range scores coming from Quinn, Keith Cooling and Conor Keane. Aided by the wind and with some excellent defending from the likes of centre back Gavin Jackson, Sean O’Shea and Adam McCormack St Pauls took a commanding lead into the half time break of 0-9 to 0-1.

A good start was needed by St Josephs but instead it was St Pauls who picked up where they left off. A Long delivery by Daragh Quinn into the square eluded the St Joseph’s keeper and found its way into the net. There was a dispute over who got the final touch with Sean O’Shea going close to getting a flick on the ball, but Daragh was adamant that the sliothar flew directly into the net without assistance.

St Pauls pressed on and despite a far better showing from St Josephs in the second period could not gain a foothold in the game. Dylan Robinson excelled at midfield while Soren Botnaru, Anthony Conroy and Luke Magner worked tirelessly in the closing half. Sean O’Shea managed to grab his own undisputed goal and sealed the Drogheda men’s fate with a close range finish on 50 minutes. St Pauls ran out worthy winners with some great score taking from Alex Finn, Keith Cooling and Conor Keane to leave the St Pauls boys looking forward to the Dublin quarter final.

Well done to the entire team and managment on a great performance. A special mention must go to Jack Geary who despite other commitments on the day of the game togged out and played excellently.

St Pauls Team (& Scorers)

1.Conor Cafferky, 2. Sorin Botnaru, 3. Conor Keane (0-3), 4. Adam McCormack, 5. Gavin Jackson, 6. Sean O’Shea (1-0), 7. Dylan Robinson, 8. Daragh Quin (1-4), 9. Anthony Conroy (0-1), 10. Keith Cooling (0-7), 11. Jack Geary, 12. Luke Magner (0-1), 13. Alex Finn (0-2)