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What are Aptitude tests  and how to prepare for them?

The purpose of the selection process is for an employer to choose an appropriate person to fill their vacancy. They will be looking for someone who has the skills, abilities and personal qualities to do the job well. During the selection process a variety of assessment methods can be used in the selection of candidates for a job. These assessment methods almost always feature an application form/CV and an interview, but can also include other methods such as assessment centres, discussions, presentations and psychometric tests.
All selection methods are seeking to gather evidence that a candidate has the abilities and qualities to be successful in the job. For example, an application form gathers information on qualifications and work experience, an interview allows the employer to assess abilities, to discuss with applicants their training and experience, and psychometric tests measure whether a candidate has specific abilities or appropriate personal qualities in relation to the job specification.

Career Tests

  • Careers Portal (Career Test)
  • After the Interest Assessment Interest Assessment is done – where next ?
  • Career Fitter    60 question free career test reveals the scientific insight about your work personality
  • Career Cluster Interest Survey Everyone has a different way to describe themselves and what they like to do. This survey lets you rate activities you enjoy, your personal qualities, and school subjects you like.
  • Career Interest Survey Check all subject areas that you like. This quiz is all about you so check what truly interests you, not what you think others would like you to choose.
  • Careers Quiz Online and Job Quiz Aptitude Test
  • Careers Services Aptitude test preparation
  • DATS Aptitude Tests Explained – PDF
  • Interest Assessment Holland – Before you choose a career or start a job search, find out which careers match your personality.
  • Interest Profiler The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work.
  • Qualifax – Interest Assessment Take the Qualifax Interest Assessment test and find courses that fit your interests.

Do’s And Don’ts

Test-Taking Tactics
◾Getting familiar with tests and doing lots of practice are the most important ways to ensure that you perform at your best.
◾Study and familiarise the materials you are given thoroughly..
◾Follow all instructions carefully..
◾Read the questions and answer choices carefully..
◾Work at a swift and steady pace..
◾Eliminate as many wrong answers as you can..
◾If all else fails, guess.
◾Rough working is usually allowed on paper..
◾You need to be able to understand percentages and deal with other ratios, so practice.
◾Do not worry if you cannot answer all the questions in the time provided. Tests are designed with more questions than you can comfortably complete in the time allowed.

Practice Tests for Public Service and Apprenticeships

Test Advice for Public Service

Example Aptitude Test (

Apprenticeships Tests (Link to Training Course for Tests)

Practice Test for Civil Service

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Want to Practice?

◾Saville and Holdsworth ( – in the ‘Practice and Feedback’ section. Practice aptitude tests from one of the largest test publishers available here. They are timed and you get feedback on how well you have done.
◾Practice Reasoning Tests: helps students improve their performance taking employer aptitude tests, including numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests

◾Practice Numerical Test:

◾Norton Assessment – (plus test taker advice)
◾Norton Assessment (plus test taker advice)
◾Assessment Day ( has lots of advice and free practice ability tests which simulate the tests used by graduate employers
◾Practice Aptitude Tests: Numerical, Verbal Reasoning and Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests, plus free video tutorials.
◾Alison Global Learning ( Alison is a FREE learning resource to the individual – It does not cost an individual person to register and they can take advantage of other courses such as the ECDL and E-Citizen at the same time for FREE
◾AptitudeOnline ( A web-based application containing a series of 100 + self-assessment questions, with real time answers. This has been produced to assist any student who is preparing for taking aptitude or psychometric tests. These questions have been written to principally help the student focus their mind into making logical and quick decisions

◾The Prospects website also links you to practice a personality questionnaire:-
◾Keirsey Temperament Tests ( where you can complete the online personality questionnaires – Keirsey Character Sorter and Keirsey Temperament Sorter (based on the concepts of MBTI)
◾Team Technology ( access the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
◾The Civil Service requires you to undergo tests, and samples are available online at where there are samples of verbal comprehension, numeric reasoning and job simulation. Logon to for a direct route to sample tests.