Good Vibes

Tuesday May 8th- Friday May 11th is GOOD VIBES WEEK

(a mental health promotion week in the school)

A Lust For Life / My1000Hours Mental Health – School Video

A Lust For Life / My1000Hours Mental Health video for Schools. We get many requests for Bressie to visit schools to do a talk on Mental Health, but unfortuna…


The aim is to promote POSITIVE mental health.


The quad will be open every lunchbreak with games, music and activities.

(weather permittting- film in study hall otherwise)


*If you have games or can donate your time to supervise much appreciated*


Each morning (8.15-8.45) Paddy Daly will be facilitating a pancake breakfast with 1st years tuesday, 2nd years wednesday, 3rd years thursday and 4/5th years friday. Again all help needed.



On Wednesday 9th – we will try and organise each year to do a “fun run” in St.Annes Park i.e. the golden mile/avenue.

On Thursday & Friday lunchtime there will be a positive vibes film playing in the study hall. All welcome.

In class- references to mental health most welcome. Please show above video. Other resources to be found on  the following websites:, and