Welcome to Komeer for St Paul’s College.  We are in the process of setting up Komeer to develop and improve our communications links between college and home. At the moment we use TXT Messages which are both expensive and inflexible. We hope that Kommer  and its smart phone app will be more useful, keeping  you up to date on school events, match fixtures, school activities and relevant information.

To Log in Use the above Komeer Button.

How to instal the Komeer App or the Up Date

  1. Install the “Komeer” app from the App and Play Store on you phone or if you are installing the new version, remove the old version and add  Komeer with the Google Logon (a red line)
  2. Make sure to agree to accept Notification
  3. “SIGN UP” on the App on you Phone / or sign in with  your email and password. All your details should be present.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the schools list to find            STPAULSCOLLEGESYBILHILLDUBLIN5
  5. Give your Son’s Name
  6. THE School will then approve you to receive messages and alerts.