The School Chaplain in St. Paul’s College is funded by the Vincentian fathers who are patrons of the school and managed by the principal and board of management.

The Role of the school Chaplain

The school Chaplain is a faith presence in the school community, available to all students, staff and the wider community. S/he accompanies members of the school community on their journey through life. S/he responds to the spiritual and religious needs of the students and the whole school community respecting the denominational, religious and personal convictions of all.

The Chaplains liaises with the Pastoral Care team who meet regularly. S/he also works in close co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, Guidance Counsellor, R.E. Department, teachers and students, families and the Local parish.

“The Chaplain is concerned for the spiritual and caring aspects of school life.  S/he should be a visible sign of God’s love and concern for all people.  It is part of her/his role to try to restore self-confidence to those who feel undervalued, respect to those who feel rejected and marginalized, peace to those who are troubled and faith to those who doubt the unconditional love of God.

On a day to day basis the work of the chaplain is varied and connects with the many varied facets of school life from academics, to sport, social and recreational. Part of the day to day role of the chaplain will consist of the following areas:

Hospitality – Creating a welcoming and hospitable environment in our school.

Community Building – Creating opportunities for us to come together as a school community and to link with the wider community around us.

Action for Justice – We will support those who may be struggling or on the margins in any way and support work for building a just and caring society and help to protect our Common Home.

Vincentian Ethos – We will work towards promoting our shared Vincentian ethos and values within our school.

Prayer/Ritual – We will support students to engage with retreats and with other religious rituals and liturgies as deemed appropriate to the season and time of year. The Chaplain is a person of prayer who holds the School Community in her/his own prayer and in the words of Thomas Merton believes that God “is ever with us and will never leave us to face our perils alone”

Pastoral Presence – The Chaplain will be available to anybody who may be in crisis or in a difficult or challenging situation. The chaplain is mindful of those who are suffering in any way, perhaps because they have experienced bereavement or other kind of loss, perhaps because they are feeling over-whelmed, lost or lonely. The Chaplain is one who encourages others to give of their best in all matters.
“Every day as long as this today lasts keep encouraging one another” St. Paul Heb. 7:14