Statement from the Board on Mangement Concerning Planning  (April 2018)  Click to view.

Statement from the Board of Management of St Paul’s College  (Sept 2017) Read Below.

The Vincentians, in association with the school, are currently in the process of lodging a planning application, which will greatly enhance the facilities at the school. This is a development, which our students need and deserve.

St Paul’s College has been in need of investment for some time and the recent sale of adjacent lands by our trustees, the Vincentians, will facilitate this substantial investment.

The Vincentians are making a substantial investment in upgrading the school and its grounds. They will also be providing the capital to build a Multi-purpose Sports Hall and a new 3G multi-purpose flood lit pitch, as well as renewing the astro pitches.

These improved facilities are being provided primarily for the school but will also be made available for community use. The school will understandably have first call on these facilities, while community access with be structured and agreed with the school.

The Vincentians are also setting up a trust to assist the school with the funding of future capital projects.

It is important to note that this planning application is separate, distinct and not dependent on any application for residential development on the adjoining lands. This is a change from the previous application where our facilities were included in the same application as the residential development.

The Board of Management welcomes this much needed and substantial investment in the future of St Paul’s College.