Supervise study begins on Monday 4th September for all students. Each study session takes place in our study hall under strict supervision. Sessions are from 4.05pm to 6.05pm (1.15 to 3.15 on Wednesdays) The prices are detailed below:

September to Halloween:           €111.

Halloween to Christmas:              €78.

Half year payment:                         €185.   (September to Christmas)

Full year payment:                          €372.     (September to May.)

Please note that the prices above are for a student doing five days of supervised study. If your son cannot do every day, please ask him to speak to Mr. Niall Cox to arrange an alternative.

Please note that there will be no supervised study on the following days. You will not be charged for these days. (Any subsequent changes will be communicated in due course.)

Monday 18th September. College Open Evening.             Friday 29th September. School closed.

Tuesday 24th October. 6th Year PTM.                         Thursday 9th November. 5th Year PTM.

Monday 27th November. 3d Year PTM.                        Tuesday 16th January. 2nd Year PTM.         Thursday 1st March. 1st Year PTM.


The acceptance of a student into supervised study is dependent on the following:

  • Supervised Study operates on a “first come, first served” basis with priority given to exam years. We will endeavour to accommodate all students but we cannot guarantee a place for each applicant.
  • Students are expected to follow normal school rules and procedures at all times in supervised study. Failure to behave appropriately or cooperate with the supervising teacher may result in a student being permanently removed from further study sessions without reimbursement.
  • Student may not leave a study session early without written consent from a parent/guardian. If an enrolled student is not present during the study session, St. Paul’s College does not accept responsibility for his safety.