Kenya 2024

October 19, 2023

Attention 5th Years

  • Students interested in going to Kenya as part of the VLM Immersion Programme at the beginning of June 2024 please sign your name to the list outside Mr Soady’s room, B24.

  • Those on the list are invited to attend a meeting for more information this Tuesday lunchtime.

St Paul’s has a history of mission projects with the VL M in Ethiopia. Since COVID, we haven’t been able to continue, but we are  excited to propose anew project in Kenya. It would provide an e ducational experience for students and allow us to reestablish our commitment to working with the VLM and their projects in east Africa. 

This project would not only provide a unique educational experience but also foster cultural understanding and global awareness amongst our students. 

**Please note this once in a lifetime opportunity is only available to a very limited number of current 5th year students.